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Latvia’s Anti-Russian Hybrid War Exposes The Reality Of European Exceptionalism

22 FEBRUARY 2021


Latvia is at the forefront of an intense Hybrid War between the West and Russia, but not as the victim of Moscow that it’s deceitfully misportrayed as by the Mainstream Media, but as the villain that aggressively wages anti-Russian information warfare against the Eurasian Great Power and continues to discriminate against its own Russian minority with impunity.

The Manipulative Western Media Narrative About Latvia

The average Westerner that casually follows contemporary geopolitics probably has a lot of sympathy for Latvia after being told by the Mainstream Media that it’s the victim of an unprovoked Russian Hybrid War. This weaponized narrative alleges that President Putin is salivating at the thought of restoring the Soviet Union, in pursuit of which he’s pulled out all the stops to bring Baltic countries like Latvia to heel in creative ways designed to avoid sparking World War III. Western governments have portrayed Latvia as the vanguard of their civilization, bravely withstanding a never-ending onslaught of Russian asymmetrical attacks yet somehow miraculously still standing as a modern-day David that refuses to fall to Goliath. Latvia’s example is intended to inspire other countries to continue funding supposedly “defensive” operations aimed at protecting their people from these threats. The reality, however, is altogether different as will now be explained.

The UK-Latvian Anti-Russian Information Warfare Nexus

Latvia isn’t the victim of the intense Hybrid War being fought between the West and Russia, but one of its villains. The small country aggressively wages anti-Russian information warfare against the Eurasian Great Power, including by hosting the Russian-language Meduza outlet that RT’s Kit Klarenberg recently revealed is backed by the mysterious UK government-funded “Zinc Network” according to leaked documents that were shared with the world by the Anonymous hacktivist collective. His report details the shadowy connection between foreign governments and some self-professed “independent media” that are literally being advised by an organization that described itself as being concerned with “weakening the Russian state”. Latvia therefore isn’t the innocent victim that it portrays itself as, but is actively fighting on the front lines of the information war against Russia through Meduza.

Latvia’s Anti-Humanitarian Crusade Against Its Russian Minority

That’s not all though since Latvia recently banned 16 Russian-language programs and even dramatically declared that those who are caught listening to them will be fined. It goes without saying that Western governments would react with moral outrage if Russia dared to do anything of the sort, yet they’re strangely silent in the face of Latvia embodying everything that those states claim to be against when it comes to what they’ve fearmongered for years that Moscow itself might one day do. Even worse, Latvia actively discriminates against its Russian minority. Not only are they mistreated as second-class citizens, but their identity is under threat after recent so-called “reforms” aimed at phasing the Russian language out of the educational sphere despite it being spoken by around one-third of Latvians. The EU almost always supports minorities anywhere in the world, but this time they tacitly approve of Latvia’s anti-humanitarian crusade against Russians.

The Nazi SS Origins Of Latvia’s Anti-Russian Hatred

This state-sponsored campaign went even further after Riga arrested seven journalists last December who worked with two Russia-linked outlets. Moscow condemned this as a “flagrant attack on democracy”, and one of the persecuted activists shared his view that the “Latvian authorities are trying to criminalize any contacts with Russia, to be able to slap a criminal case against any person who has professional contacts with Russia.” This appears frighteningly accurate in hindsight considering the fact that Latvians who listen to any of the now-banned Russian programs will be fined, prior to which they might even be jailed if they’re unable to pay up or even refuse to do so as a matter of principle. The worst part about all of this is that it eerily resembles the run-up to Nazi-era crimes against humanity. About those, Defense Minister Artis Pabrikis praised Latvian SS-Waffen legionnaire veterans as “heroes” and “the pride of the Latvian nation and state” just a year and a half ago.

President Putin’s Official Response To Recent Events In Latvia

President Putin was so disgusted with this recent turn of events in Latvia that he told State Duma party leaders last week that “They have clamped down on 16 of our media outlets, but the only reaction to this is silence. Why have the Western truth seekers not provided any assessments of what is happening to freedom of expression there, in Europe? No, there are no evaluations, as if this is how it should be, because they are allegedly fighting propaganda. As if what they are doing is not propaganda. What is it then? This is an instrument of attaining their geopolitical goals, in this particular instance, with regard to our country.” In other words, he’s implying that Latvia is protected from Western criticism for its undemocratic actions due to what can objectively be described as European Exceptionalism, or the belief that European nations should be held to different moral and other standards because of what they regard as their civilizational superiority over others.

The Perfect Embodiment Of European Exceptionalism

Latvia is the perfect example of European Exceptionalism in action. It blocks foreign media, fines its citizens for listening to these newly banned programs, arrests those who cooperate with some of those outlets, hosts UK-backed anti-Russian infowar sites, mistreats Russian speakers as second-class citizens, is gradually attempting to erase their identity, and proudly praises Nazi veterans as “heroes” and “the pride of the Latvian nation and state”. Not only would Russia never do any of these terrible things, but pretending that it did even one of them just for conversation’s sake (especially the rehabilitation of Nazis SS fighters), it would be mercilessly criticized and the entire world rightly made aware of its severe moral transgressions. The very fact that none of this has happened with Latvia despite it literally doing everything that was described above proves that European Exceptionalism is the bloc’s unofficial ideology and that principles take second place to geopolitics.

Concluding Thoughts

Far from being an innocent lamb facing imminent Hybrid War slaughter by the Russian bear, like the Western Mainstream Media deceitfully misportrays it as, Latvia is actually a ruthless practitioner of Hybrid Warfare against both its Russian neighbor and its own Russian population alike. Riga gets a free pass for everything that it does because it’s a member of both the EU and NATO. Its European Exceptionalism is on full display to the point where even the rehabilitation of SS Nazis is accepted by its partners due to the mistaken belief that this reprehensible historical revisionism will somehow enable them to make geopolitical gains at Russia’s expense. The Western masses are gaslighted into thinking that Russia’s overreacting to Latvia due to their conventional power asymmetries, but the David and Goliath optics are deliberately misleading and mask the dark truth that even tiny states like Latvia can be formidable Hybrid War threats to much larger ones such as Russia.


By Andrew Korybko

American political analyst

Tags: Latvia, EU, Russia, Hybrid War, Regime Change, Infowars, World War II.






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