Cold War 2.0



November 11, 2021

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping warned against letting tensions in the Asia-Pacific region cause a relapse into a Cold War mentality ( link )

  • China will never allow the U.S. to infringe upon its sovereignty or interfere in its internal affairs under any excuse, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said ( link )

  • China criticizes US delegation’s visit to Taiwan ( link )

  • The head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command reaffirmed America’s commitment to achieving a free and open Indo-Pacific despite rising tensions amid China’s increasingly assertive military actions ( link )

  • President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan has declared the US is a resident power in the Indo-Pacific, telling Australians he rejects claims it doesn’t have the staying power to remain in Asia in the face of a rising China ( link )

  • Pentagon press secretary says China and climate change are ‘equally important’ threats ( link )

  • U.S.-China arms race gets more complex and unpredictable ( link )


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