Cold War 2.0



November 12, 2021

  • Biden Signs Law Tightening Restrictions on Huawei, ZTE, to Protect US Telecom Systems ( link )

  • US identifies 10 projects to rival China’s belt road initiative ( link )

  • The US’ coercive sanctions on Cambodia is another step in its ongoing efforts to contain China ( link )

  • U.S. urged to stop violating peace, stability across Taiwan Strait ( link )

  • China urges U.S. to stop sending wrong signals to “Taiwan independence” forces ( link )

  • US-China rivalry is the biggest threat to Apec cooperation ( link )

  • Chinese Communist Party Brands Upcoming US Democracy Summit as ‘Ironic’ ( link )

  • China continues with propaganda campaigns over Covid-19 origins ( link )

  • State Department Suddenly Uneasy Using the Term ‘Malign Influence’ to Call Out China ( link )

  • U.S., EU Risk Losing ‘Heart of Europe’ to China, Montenegro Warns ( link )

  • China to Launch New Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer in Coming Months ( link )

  • China’s New Strategic Weapon Has ‘Unlimited Range.’ Here’s What That Means for US ( link )


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