Cold War 2.0



November 19, 2021

  • China responds to Philippines’ accusation of blocking its ships

Source: RT

  • South China Sea: 300 Chinese ‘maritime militia’ vessels in Spratly Islands at any time, says US report

Source: South China Morning Post

  • South Korea scrambles fighter jets as China, Russia aircraft enter air defence zone

Source: The Strait Times

  • China and the Growing Arms Race in Asia

Source: The Epoch Times

  • China tells Japan to put ties with neighbours before alliance with US

Source: South China Morning Post

  • Australian Defence Minister Rebukes ‘Comical’ CCP Warning

Source: The Epoch TImes

  • Blinken says US can benefit Africa amid rising Chinese influence

Source: Mail Online

  • The U.S. may implement a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics

Source: CBC

  • China slams US over Olympic boycott threat

Source: RTHK

  • China to walk at own pace in upcoming trade talks with US: observer

Source: Global Times


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