Cold War 2.0



November 23, 2021

  • US warship sails through Taiwan Strait, first since Biden-Xi meet

Source: Al Jazeera

  • China Protests Passage of US Destroyer Through Taiwan Strait

Source: Military Com

  • Australian government playing dangerous game over Taiwan – opposition

Source: Reuters

  • Australia Backs Philippines Against Beijing’s Actions in South China Sea

Source: The Epoch Times

  • China Concerned by AUKUS Deal on Nuclear Submarines Data Exchange

Source: Fars News

  • Taiwan Wants Reaper Drones To Counter China

Source: National Interest

  • How China Is Trying to Turn the U.S. against Itself

Source: National Review

  • U.S. seeks to engage in tech war by strangling China’s semiconductor industry

Source: CGTN

  • US-China tech war: Beijing’s semiconductor ambition faces fresh headwinds as Washington adds pressure on SK Hynix

Source: South China Morning Post

  • China Slows Its Progress on U.S. Trade Deal Purchases Amid Talks

Source: Bloomberg

  • China, Russia in close contact on Putin’s Beijing Winter Olympics visit, ‘shows mutual support’ amid Western threat of Olympic boycott

Source: Global Times

  • US Project to Develop Hypersonic Defense Tech

Source: The Epoch Times

  • U.S.–China balance of power in Ukraine

Source: Diplomatic Courier


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