Cold War 2.0

China/US: Cold War 2.0

November 25, 2021

  • China quietly developing military bases in Pacific islands

Source: ANI

  • Taiwan passes new NT$237 billion budget for expanding military

Source: Radio Taiwan International

  • Taiwan helps Pacific allies keep China’s Huawei out

Source: Taiwan News

  • No room for compromise over Taiwan and US should not have any illusions about this: China

Source: The State Times

  • China warns off new German government over Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang

Source: South China Morning Post

  • Japan, Vietnam Oppose Bids to Change Status Quo in Regional Waters ‘By Coercion’

Source: The Epoch Times

  • Philippines rejects China’s demand to remove ship from shoal

Source: Mail Online

  • US opposes China Telecom’s bid to continue US operations

Source: The Economic Times

  • US Adds More Chinese Firms To Trade Blacklist

Source: Silicon

  • China says US tech blacklist moves violate Biden-Xi consensus

Source: Alarabiya News

  • Hillary Clinton Warns of China (and Russia) ‘Manipulating’ Crypto

Source: Decrypt

  • US Commission Asks IOC to Do More for Chinese Tennis Player Peng Shuai

Source: The Epoch Times

  • China denounces U.S. ‘arm-twisting’ in Honduras election

Source: Reuters

  • China says U.S. ‘democracy summit’ should focus on its own problems

Source: CGTN

  • China non-committal on U.S. ‘drop in the ocean’ oil release

Source: Metro

  • The impact of the US-China tariff war on China’s economy: New evidence from night-time lights

Source: Vox EU

  • China shows solidarity with Iran amid pressure from US over nuclear deal

Source: South China Morning Post

  • Noam Chomsky warns of ‘very dangerous’ US antagonism toward China

Source: Raw Story

  • Australia considers diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Source: Financial Review

  • China slams Australia, Netherlands politicians’ Olympic boycott attempts

Source: CGTN


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