Cold War 2.0

China/US: Cold War 2.0

November 26, 2021

  • U.S lawmakers in surprise visit to Taiwan

Source: The Standard

  • China strongly opposes U.S. lawmakers’ visit to Taiwan region

Source: CGTN

  • US and China jostle for influence as Honduras weighs ties with Taiwan

Source: SCMP

  • Solomon Islands coup attempt triggered by US-backed, anti-China forces

Source: WSWS

  • Australia deploys troops to island hit by anti-China riots

Source: RT

  • Some fear China could win from US spat with Marshall Islands

Source: Mail Online

  • Philippines says China is ‘the trespasser’ as it refuses to move ship from disputed South China Sea shoal

Source: Asia One

  • China Says It Will Shun Hegemony in Disputed Asian Sea; Does It Mean That?

Source: The News Lens

  • Australia Kept a ‘Close Eye’ on Chinese Spy Ship, Morrison Says

Source: Bloomberg

  • China sees Australia as ‘tributary state’, Peter Dutton says

Source: SBS

  • Chinese official gets Interpol post despite opposition from Australian MPs

Source: ABC

  • China Strongly Protests US Sanctions Against 12 Chinese Companies

Source: Fars News

  • Beijing asks Didi to delist in New York over data security concerns

Source: City A.M

  • China calls on Washington to compensate families of victims of its forces’ aggression on Syrian territory

Source: Sana Sy

  • China suspends consular services in Lithuania

Source: Taiwan News


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