Cold War 2.0



November 18, 2021

  • Philippines Tells China to ‘Back Off’ in South China Sea

Source: The Epoch Times

  • China urges U.S. to stop provocations on Taiwan question, adhere to one-China principle

Source: cgtn

  • US, China risk miscalculation on Taiwan: Singapore PM

Source: Taipei Times

  • China’s Hypersonic Weapon Could Be for Nuclear ‘First-Use’: Pentagon No. 2

Source: The Epoch Times

  • Why Is China Building Up Its Nuclear Arsenal?

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

  • Espionage Is the Secret Behind China’s New Stealth Fighter

Source: National Interest

  • ‘Naughty guy’: top Chinese diplomat accuses Australia of ‘sabre wielding’ with nuclear submarine deal

Source: The Guardian

  • AUKUS deal about more than subs, Australia’s ambassador says

Source: Washington Times

  • Chinese cyber attacks targeted Indian ports, defence companies: US report

Source: The Week

  • US Special Forces Training for War With China or Russia

Source: Newsmax

  • US Panel: Steps to Deter Beijing’s Threats

Source: ntd

  • Why China is losing the war of words with the West

Source: rt

  • China’s rise and America’s decline spell conflict

Source: Al Jazeera

  • China Rejects US Allegations of Violation of Religious Freedom

Source: News 18

  • China and the US declare ceasefire in journalism war

Source: Independent IE

  • The China-US duel to be multilateral trade champions will be analysed at Singapore forum

Source: South China Morning Post

  • Biden, visiting GM in Detroit, says U.S. will overtake China in EVs

Source: Automotive News

  • Huawei looking to trick the US trade ban by licensing smartphone designs

Source: Phone Arena

  • China Dismisses Nationwide Replacement Of Foreign Tech Claims

Source: Business Times


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Cold War 2.0



November 10, 2021


  • China rails against ‘provocative’ Taiwan visit by US lawmakers ( link )

  • China Rejects Historic U.S. Law Protecting Taiwan As ‘Illegal and Invalid’ ( link )

  • Chinese military forces exercise near Taiwan in response to US visit ( link )

  • Blinken Says Allies Would ‘Take Action’ If China Attacks Taiwan ( link )


  • China invests in artificial intelligence to counter US Joint Warfighting Concept ( link )

  • US encourages Japan to increase defense spending in light of China threats ( link )

  • US testing Iron Dome against Chinese missiles ( link )

  • China’s Shock Hypersonic Missile Test Alarms U.S. Lawmakers: ‘National Security Crisis’ ( link )

  • U.S. Navy Pilots May Not Be Prepared to Go Head-to-Head with China ( link )


  • China urged cooperation on global infrastructure initiatives as the US moved to announce its global mega-infrastructure program ( link )

  • Misreading of China’s BRI and aid data by US think tanks is disappointing ( link )


  • China Is Evading U.S. Spies — and the White House Is Worried ( link )

  • US accuses engineer of espionage for Chinese company ( link )


  • U.S. extends ban on securities investments in companies linked to China military ( link )

  • The United States blacklisted two Cambodian officials, accusing them of planning to profit from construction work at Cambodia’s biggest naval base, where Washington has expressed concern about China’s military presence. ( link )


  • US Holocaust Museum says China boosting Uyghur repression ( link )


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